Miquel Perelló Nieto, Ph.D.


About me

I am a Research Associate at the University of Bristol working in the TAILOR project (a network of research excellence centres). I received a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Bristol, an M.Sc. degree in Machine Learning and Data Mining from Aalto University School of Science , and an M.Sc. degree on Artificial Intelligence from a consortium between Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Barcelona University and Rovira i Virgili University. I hold a BSc degree in Technical Engineering on Computer Science from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia.

I have extensive work experience since 2006 as a technical service manager, software developer, systems administrator, and I have hold several Research positions since 2014 in Finland, in the Deep Learning and Bayesian Modeling research group supervised by Prof. Tapani Raiko; United Kingdom, in the REFRAME project supervised by Prof. Peter Flach, and an Activity recognition project supervised by Dr Raúl Santos Rodríguez ; and France, in the Université de Strasbourg with Dr. Nicolas Lachiche. All with a special focus in Machine Learning, Data Mining, Deep Learning and Computer Vision. From 2016 I worked in the IRC-SPHERE project analysing environmental sensors data in smart homes to evaluate the well-being of participants in several clinical trials. In 2022 I started working in the Network Collaboration work package of the TAILOR project.

My current research focuses on improving the interpretability of machine learning classifiers by adding confidence values in their predictions. I am also studying methods to use data with non-reliable annotations.

My name

Miquel (/mi.ˈkɛɫ/) is a Catalan given name originally from the Hebrew Michael. A simple way to pronounce Miquel is to say mee-KEHL (mee as in me and KEHL as in Kelly) with stress on the second syllable . You can learn more about its origins at Behind the Name.

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